Biographical Sketch
Member of Parliment
X Lok Sabha


B.J.P. - Mohanlalganj-SC (Uttar Pradesh)

Father's Name                            Late Shri Narain Dass

Date of Birth                               17th August, 1926

Place of Birth                             Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Marital Status                            Married

Spouse's Name                            Smt. Bittan Devi

Children                                       Three sons and two daughters

Educational Qualifications      Educated at Colonelganj High School, Allahabad

Profession                                     Civil Service

Permanent Address                     221, Sadiabad, P.O. Cavalry Lines, Allahabad-211004

                                                       (Uttar Pradesh)

Present Address                          34, South Avenue, New Delhi-110011. Tel. 3792362

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