Biographical Sketch
Member of Parliment
X Lok Sabha


B.J.P. - Tehri Garhwal (Uttar Pradesh)

Father's Name Maharaja Narendra Shah

Date of Birth                               26th May, 1921

Place of Birth                             Pratap Nagar in Distt. Tehri Garhwal (Uttar Pradesh)

Marital Status                            Married on 4th February, 1937

Spouse's Name                            Maharani Suraj Kunwar

Children                                       One son and three daughters

Educational Qualifications      Intermediate

                                                     Educated at Government College, Lahore and I.C.S.

                                                     Camp, Dehradun.

Profession                                     Administrator, former Ruler, Diplomat and Political and

                                                     Social Worker.

Permanent Address                     Palace, P.O. Narendra Nagar, Distt. Tehri Garhwal

                                                     (Uttar Pradesh)

Present Address                          5, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi-110001.

                                                     Tel. 3782817, 3782818

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