Now Shri Ram's exile of fourteen years had come to an end. He was to return to Ayodhya but was skeptical whether about how Bharat would react to his returning, as he was now the king of Ayodhya. Wishing to know about Bharat's reaction to his upcoming return, Shri Ram asked Hanumanji to go to Ayodhya and find out how Bharat felt. Shri Ram stated that if Bharat had the slightest wish to be king and did not want him to return, he would gladly stay on in the forests.
Hanumanji assumed the shape of a man, and went to Ayodhya and informed Bharat of the Shri Ram's arrival. Bharat was beside himself with joy and insisted on rewarding Hanumanji for giving him such glad news. Shri Ram hence returned to Ayodhya and was crowned with great splendor. Hanumanji too returned with them and stayed with Shri Ram. Sita remembering all the help that Hanumanji had given them presented him with a necklace of pearls as a token of appreciation.
Hanumanji accepted the gift with great respect and then began to break the necklace and examine the pearls. Amazed at his action, everyone inquired as to what he was doing. Hanumanji replied, "I value the necklace that you have given me as it has come to me through your holy hands. But I want to find out whether any of the pearls contain my beloved Lord Rama's name. For if they do not have my Lord's name then they are of no use to me ". Sita asked him whether he kept Lord Ram within him.
To his Hanumanji tore open his heart and showed it to Shri Ram, Sita and the others. They all found Lord Rama accompanied by Sita in the heart of Hanumanji.Another instance states that once Hanumanji saw Sita wearing Sindur (vermilion). When asked why she had the sindur on her head, Sita replied that she put it for the safekeeping of Lord Ram. Immediately, Hanumanji went and rolled himself entirely in sindur. On seeing this Shri Ram asked him the meaning of this.
He replied " Ma Sita told me that she wears sindur on her head for your safety. I am also wearing sindur for the same." At this Lord Rama gave him the ashirwad (blessing) that any devotee who will offer you sindur will cross all hurdles.
When Shri Ram ascended to his supreme abode, Hanumanji also wished to go with him. But Shri Ram asked him to remain in this world and attend all the assemblies of men where discourses on his deeds were held and heard, and help his devotees in cultivation devotion. Lord Rama told him that he in every Ram temple he would be present. Shri Ramji gave him the boon of everlasting life, immortality (Chiranjeevi) and is today present amongst us. He is everywhere. Those who believe in him can behold him and receive his blessings.
Hanumanji is renowned for his courage, patience and undaunted spirit. He gave up his life in the service of his Lord. He had not a tinge of selfishness in this mind. All his actions were offerings unto Lord Rama.When asked how he managed to leap across the ocean, his words were "By the Glory of Lord Rama's name" When asked how he burned Lanka and saved himself, his reply was "By the Grace of my Lord Rama" No one reached the pinnacle of Dasya Bhavna like Hanumanji. Where Shri Ram is there is Hanumanji and where Hanumanji is there, their Shri Ram is present. Even today many people believe that if the Ramayana is being read anywhere Hanumantha stands there unseen and sheds tears of joy.
Glory to Hanumanji, the blessed devotee of Lord Rama, the mighty hero, undaunted warrior and learned Brahmachari. Glory to his Lord, Shri Ram.The world has not seen anyone else like him, and never shall see anyone like him in the years to come.



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