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All about Search Engines An Overview of the Internet, Search Tactics. Look for the search engine reviews! There are specific features reviewed for each major search engine, along with a summary and opinions on strengths and weaknesses for each search engine.

Search Engine Watch. Search Engine Submission Tips, Reviews, Ratings & Tests and Search Engine Resources. Excellent! Go to: Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings. Media Metrix provides web site ratings based on a sample of about 50,000 web surfers. These monthly ratings are widely cited as measure of popularity. Search Engine Features For ebmasters. The search engine features chart provides a summary of important factors and features that can affect how sites are indexed and ranked. This is a comprehensive resource center for both web searchers and webmasters. They provide tools and techniques for search engine optimization, submission and maintenance. They also have an extensive list of search engines and directories as well as tips for effective searching.

Submit Corner. This website compiled guides on indexing techniques (Site Improvement Guide), what search engines look for (META Tags Guide), and how to optimize your site to get the highest results in each search engine (Search Engine Guide). Go to Search Engine Overview. This guide documents what search engines look for when indexing, what to avoid, and other tips to help boost your rankings.

Jim World, Ultimate Bulletin Board: Search Engine Forums. Discuss the search engines and get answers. A different Forum for each search engine.