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Link Validators and Dead Link Check

Brough's Linklists: Linkcheckers. An index.

Link Alarm. LinkAlarm is a web site quality assurance service that automatically checks your site for broken links. No software to install - all you need is a browser. Great reports. Free trial online service on 100 pages of any site. Excellent!

LinkScan: Software & Services for Checking Links & Creating Site Maps

link Free Online Tools. Validate the HTML of your page.

Netscape Netcenter: Web Site Garage. Web Site Garage provides services for maintaining and improving your Web site. Automate site maintenance checks, optimize your graphics and analyze your traffic. Go to Tune Up. Run critical performance diagnostics on your Web page.

Resch: Free Webmaster Tools and Resources.Go to HTML Validators.

The ScholarStuff Webring, Webmaster Directory: Free Software Downloads. Link Checkers.

Submit Corner. This website compiled guides on indexing techniques (Site Improvement Guide), what search engines look for (META Tags Guide), and how to optimize your site to get the highest results in each search engine (Search Engine Guide). Go to Link Scan. This web tool will validate your links to ensure your website does not have any dead links or broken images. Excellent!

winfiles: Windows 95/98 HTML and Link Verification Tools. With annotations.