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Load Time Check

Addy & Associates: Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson is a free service to analyze your web page on the Internet. Watson can also check out many other aspects of your site, including link validity, download speed, search engine compatibility, and link popularity. At the moment it doesn´t work properly because of kbite restriction!

JIM Calculate your web page download size. This tool checks the size of all of the download elements on your or anyone's page.

Link Exchange. SiteInspector.

Netmechanic Maintenance Tools. Netmechanic provides the best integrated suite of low cost (and free of charge) site maintenance services for small businesses on the Web. You will be notified by email when testing is complete. Check your links, HTML, page load time, spelling, and more. Personal experience: Superbly done, and fast. Detailed data from the load time result page. Excellent!

ZDNet Web Tools: Load Check (FAQ), and Load Check. This free service will check how long your Web site takes to load at various access speeds and help you identify which parts are too slow.