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Ranking And Position Check

Brough's Linklists: Rankings. An index.

Cliff's Search Engine Position Analyzer. Find out what rank or if your page is listed. Personal experience: Im getting no proper search results because of early time out.

JIM HTML Toolkit. PositionTool checks how well your page ranks at 22 search engines using your keywords.

KeywordCount. Helping to make every word count in search engines. Analyze the keyword frequencies and show the top words (excluding HTML tags) on a URL. Optional enter a second URL to compare word frequencies of a separate page.

Link Exchange: PositionAgent. Free Trial Service. PositionAgent monitors where your web site is ranked on leading search engines (AltaVista, Yahoo (!), Lycos, Excite, Infoseek, HotBot, WebCrawler) for selected keywords. Personal experience: Currently timed out to early, no proper evaluation available. Knowing who links to your site, and increasing the number of links, is an important part of any web site promotion effort. This free service queries Infoseek, Altavista, and Hotbot and reports on link popularity. Excellent!

Northern Webs: Meta Medic Search Engine Tutorial. The Search Engine Tutorial Meta Medic is a combination webspider and syntax checker. Simply give this application your url, and it will generate a report on your meta tags. This freeware version will provide you with some basic checking on your meta tags. You will learn if your tags are too big, or you repeat them too many times, it even contains error checking for some of the more common errors. Excellent!

Submit Corner. This website compiled guides on indexing techniques (Site Improvement Guide), what search engines look for (META Tags Guide), and how to optimize your site to get the highest results in each search engine (Search Engine Guide). Go to Robots Generator. This web tool will help webmasters create a set of robots used to control which files and directories to allow search engines to index.

The ScholarStuff Webring, Webmaster Directory: Webmaster Tools. Go to Search Engine Position Analyzer. Personal experience: Currently time out to early, no proper evaluation. See also Free Software Downloads. Meta Tag Software.