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Web Performance Testing and Web-based Security Analyzer

Web Performance Testing

Patrick Killelea: Patrick's Top-Ten Web Tuning Tips and Tricks.

BLOONATIC LLC Search Engine Consulting: The Chicken's Guide To Search Engines. A link directory. Use the right online tools, e.g.: "Is my web page valid HTML", "Search engine optimization", "How do I improve my web site's ranking", "Submit your URL", "Verification" (did the optimization work, did my ranking improve), and "more about search engines".

Mindcraft Inc.: WebStone. WebStone simulates the activity of many clients making requests of a web server via many client machines each requesting a standard set of files. Each client machine can run multiple instances of a test client. The WebStone specification is free to the public.

Web-based Security Analyzer Best security web links.

Symantec: Analyze your PC security. This Web-based Security Analyzer helps ensure a safe and productive Internet experience. Security Analyzer determines whether your PC is protected from hackers, Trojan viruses, and privacy threats.

WebTrends: Security Analyzer. WebTrends Security Analyzer helps secure your Internet, intranet, and extranet by discovering security vulnerabilities and recommending fixes. Download the Free Ten System Edition of this product.

Netmechanic Maintenance Tools: Netmechanic provides the best integrated suite of low cost (and free of charge) site maintenance services for small businesses on the Web. You will be notified by email when testing is complete. Server Check. Watch your server for the next 8 hours.