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World Submitter: The World's Best URL Submission Service! Is your site not getting enough traffic? their submission service has been helping thousands advertise their site for free every month all over the internet. They system submits URLs to over 68535 search engines including Yahoo!, Google, HotBot and many other top worldwide search engines/directories as well as Country-specific search engines/directories. It also submits to an amazing 3.2 Million FFA (Free For All) link pages, over 118580 Classified Ads sites and over 17210 Message Boards! All free and no catch ever! Web Site Promotion. Lots of ways to promote your site for free.

TEOMA: Getting listed with Direct Hit may also bring in considerable amount of traffic, but your site has to be somewhat popular. A lot of search engines like HotBot, MSN and others have recently adopted the Direct Hit search technology.

JIM TOOLS. Register your site with the 35 major search engines, 420 major directories, and put your link on 160 Free-For-All (FFA) pages. Avoid to use Self-Promotion and Jim Tools in the same week since many of the search engines and indices are the same. Excellent!

OPEN DIRECTORY, DMOZ): You can submit your site to three or four different categories if it belongs. Recently, Lycos and HotBot adopted the Open Directory, and Altavista is adopting it soon, so getting listed with the Open Directory may bring you a lot of traffic. This is a comprehensive resource center for both web searchers and webmasters. They provide tools and techniques for search engine optimization, submission and maintenance. They also have an extensive list of search engines and directories as well as tips for effective searching.

SELF-PROMOTION: This is one of the best place to start promoting your site. Automatically register your URL at all the major search engines and indexes for free! Excellent!

Automated Submission Tool. This web tool is a consolidated submission form which will submit your website to the top search engines. Excellent!

Search Engine Colossus offers you links to search engines from 221 countries around the world! Conduct extensive web searches. Search the web using your choice of language. Locate your new favourite search engines.

WebToolCentral.comSite Submit. Submit your site to over 40 search engines for free.