Free of charge Resources of available Webmaster Tools and Accessible Online Tests on the Internet

Optimizing Web Graphics Corp.: Optimizing Web Graphics.

JIM Graphics Helpers. A collection of easy-to-use utilities that will make working with graphics and HTML quicker and easier.

Media Builder: GifOptimizer. This is a free online tool that reduces the file size of GIF images up to 75%, allowing web pages to load faster.

Netmechanic Maintenance Tools: Netmechanic provides the best integrated suite of low cost (and free of charge) site maintenance services for small businesses on the Web. GIFBot. Speed up your Web site. Fat graphics are the leading cause of long download times. Let GIFBot slim your graphics without loss of image quality.

Pegasus Imaging: Online JPEG Wizard. Reduces the size of your JPEG graphics.

Ufu Web: Gif Cruncher. This tool reduces the size of the image by reducing the number of colors in the image so your pages load faster.

Web Site Garage (hosted by Netscape Netcenter): Web Site Garage provides services for maintaining and improving your Web site. Go to GIF Lube. Speed up your site by optimizing your images.

Wide Area Communications: Creating graphics for the Web. Excellent!